Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome to Spiglord's World Cup 2010.

Now with just a few days over 400 days to go, our thoughts begin to turn to the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 once again. Has it really been 3 years since or epic adventure in Germany...? Yates & I will be continuing our ongoing tradition of attending each World Cup since 1994, and you will glad to know that we are well into the planning stage for this World Cup adventure to South Africa.

For those that don't keep up with these sort of things, the World Cup Tournament starts on 11th June 2010 and carries on through until 11th July 2010. As with previous events we are aiming to arrive in-country a few days prior to the start of the competition and stay in a couple of different locations for the duration of the whole event, and returning back to our various homes soon after the end.

Because of the vast distances between cities in South Africa, travel around the country will not be as easy as it was in Germany. Therefore our plan is based around renting a villa/house/apartment in Cape Town & Jo'Burg and hiring a rental car for local travel.

Our current plan is to reach Cape Town around the 6th June and stay in that area for 10 days, attending the 2 group matches in that city, after which we will transfer to the Johannesburg area, (around 16th June), for the remainder of the tournament plus a few days. Using Johannesburg as a base will allow us to attend matches in the two stadiums in that city, (Soccer City/Ellis Park), and also be within close travelling distance to the stadiums in Pretoria, (58kms/30mins) & Rustenburg, (121kms/1Hr). This will give us the potential of being able to attend 18 matches in total, including 2 semi-finals and the Final if we are lucky with the tickets.

On the subject of tickets, between us, yates and I have already got tickets to 7 matches from our efforts in the 1st phase of ticket sales, which include both the games we want in Cape Town, plus 4 games in Johannesburg and 1 in Rustenburg. The next phase of ticket sales starts on 4th May, and we will be co-ordinating to see if we can pick up a bunch more tickets to add to our collection.

The next significant milestones will be booking some accommodation in both Cape Town & Jo'Burg, which will need to be done in the next few months. I have a couple of leads on some possible places of interest, but it's early days yet. After the accommodation comes the flights which can't be booked before August due to the airline reservation systems not taking booking a year in advance. Not too worried about booking flights just yet, once the accommodation is sorted, everything else should just slip into place.

So that's it, the post in the next World Cup Adventure. Come back again soon and see what else is happening in the prelude to South Africa 2010.