Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travel Plans Now Complete

September is almost over and we are another month closer to the World Cup next June. I am already starting to feel that time is conspiring against me and will just not pass quickly enough so that the next 8 months are going to really drag.
I have now completed the last of travel plans. All of our air travel is now booked and I have managed to work around some of the internal travel issues. For our major international flights into South Africa, we will be heading to Johannesburg, via Singapore on Singapore Airlines. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to pickup some reasonably priced flights, (approx. US$2,000 pp), which suited our timeframe and destinations perfectly.
Getting internal flights between Johannesburg-Windhoek-Cape Town-Johannesburg was a little more tricky. It appears that a lot of seats on internal flights, particularly between Jo'Burg & Cape Town, are being 'Held' by the Airlines until after the World Cup Draw is made in early December. This made booking the fights on the Jo'Burg & Cape Town leg impossible to do right now. This led to a bit of 'thinking-outside-the-box' to find other ways to get to Jo'Burg from Cape Town, and I manage to discover a train service that fortunately runs on just the date we wanted to travel. 'Premier Classe' (http://www.premierclasse.co.za/), markets itself as a 'dedicated luxury train', with individual sleeping cars and a dining & observation car, with all food and services are included for approx US$260 one-way. As soon as I mentioned this to Fiona, I could tell that this would be a much more interesting way to travel to Johannesburg than the a sterile and bland trip between airports, so the reservation was made and our booking confirmed. This should be a fun addition to the our journey....

So thats it.... All our planning is now complete and now it's just a matter of time....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Update [Site Admin]

I have done some Site Admin today and noticed that you could only follow this blog if you were a registered Google/Blogspot user...

Bah Phooey I say to that...!

From now on, anyone can sign up as a follower.... Come one, come all