Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 1 & Day 1.5 - Lounging Around

We are currently sitting in the South African Airways Business Class lounge waiting for our final connection to Windheok in Namibia. So far we have been travelling for 33 hours in total, and we are both felling pretty jaded and are looking forward to a soft bed tonight. Even though we have been travelling for so long, it's still only mid-morning the day after we left here in Johannesburg, so it feels like we have had an extra half a day given to us.

The journey on the whole has been quite comfortable. We had a spare seat on the flight out of Christchurch, and we have been making the most of our lounge access privileges, (I have just had a super hot shower..!) But it has not all been plain sailing. as I cocked up with the credit card I used to buy the tickets with being different to my newly re-issued card. We had some frantic calls back to the NZ Amex help line and some torturous conversations with the ticket desk staff, but finally we got it resolved. Thank God...

I will post something when we get settled in in Namibia.


  1. Welcome to the (new) third world then :-)

  2. It's been a week - what's happening?
    Either you are having a damn good time over there or - you have realized being in Africa is like having travelled through time back into the dark ages and you are finding it difficult to get linked back into technology...

    But hey, the local hospitality and cuisine of Nabia is something to be enjoyed in it's own way.
    Hope you are having a few "Windhoek's" for me too.
    (And definitely do NOT ask what go's into them black pots!)

    I guess you are close to travelling down to CT soon - take time out to see and enjoy the countryside along the West Coast and it's people.

    Looking forward to your next update.