Thursday, May 27, 2010

Etosha National Park – Giraffes, Zebra’s, Elephants, and many more....

Next day we arose very early, (before dawn), and set off towards the first of 2 days in the world renowned Etosha Game Park. We arrived in the early afternoon, set up camp, had lunch and went out for an afternoon of game viewing. At the first waterhole we saw a group of Giraffes and Zebra’s drinking, and I even spotted a tortoise...! We spent the afternoon going between waterholes where we saw a bewildering number of smaller animals, too numerous to mention...

We were hoping to see some Elephants but they were being somewhat elusive, (as elusive as a 5 tonnes, 12 foot high animal can be), but as we headed back towards our campsite near sunset, we spotted a group of 3 Elephants in the low trees alongside the road. It was a magical moment to see these magnificent beasts up close, literally within feet of us, as they moved through the bushed and out across the road behind us.

Back to camp for another fine feast prepared by our guides and an early night was in order after a busy day.

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