Friday, July 2, 2010

Last Night’s Gourmet Meal

This was our 3rd meal of our stay at Abloom, so I thought we should give you a virtual ‘taste’ of what we were offered. So last night’s meal started with a Warm Chicken Salad, in which small and deliciously spiced chicken wings was intermingled with a fresh tomato and pickled eggplant, very nicely presented and a fresh and tasty appetizer.

For the main course we had a Fillet of Impala with a Red Wine Reduction, accompanied with a Spinach Quiche. The meat was very tender and well cooked, and the Quiche was extremely rich, with the inclusion of strong cheese, walnuts, and a rich pastry. This was a good combination of flavours although the quiche was a little over-powering.

To finish the meal we had a Pear poached in Champagne, and coated with a rick milk chocolate sauce and flaked white and dark chocolate. The pear was poached to perfection and held the champagne flavour well, and tasted as delicious as it sounds. I’m not saying I liked this dish, but I did lick the plate spotlessly clean, (come’ on, it’s not like I was in a restaurant...!)

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