Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time for some Statistics - Part 2.

Here are some more statistics from our trip so far:-
  • World Cup Matches Attended: 12
  • World Cup Matches Left to See: 2
  • Live Goals Seen: 33 (including Penalties)
  • Goals missed by Yates being in the Toilet: 4 (plus one questionalble goal which he alledges he saw while in the toilet..?)
  • Distance Driven to Matches: 3,400+ km
  • Number of Times we have driven along "Worst Road in Africa": Far too many
  • Fastest recorded time along "Worst Road in Africa": Still a bone cracking 6 Minutes
  • SlowestTime recorded between Venue Seat & Home: 3 hours 35 mins (from Rustenburg)
  • Fastest Time recorded between Venue Seat & Home: 1 hour 50 minutes (From Ellis Park)
  • Number of Flat Tyres: None, yet..... (fingers crossed)
  • Number of World Cup Points for New Zealand: 3
  • Number of defeats for New Zealand: 0 (zero)
  • Number of Defeats for Australia: 1 (ha ha ha)
  • Times a Horse has scared Yates at the Gate: 3
  • Number of postcards sent by Yates: 100's (this is no exageration)
  • Number of postcards sent by Steve: 2

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