Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Cape Town & Hello Yates

We are now safely arrived in Cape Town and linked up with our good friend Yates, (a super-slimline Yates at that.... bastard..!!). We left Windhoek early yesterday morning, and with no problems with checking-in or the flight, we landed at Cape Town International around midday. After picking up the hire car and making the quick trip from the airport to the downtown waterfront area, we met up with Yates at the apartment.

It’s good to see my old friend again, especially as he is looking so fit and happy. It’s been a few years since we last shared a beer together, but that oversight was soon put right as we enjoyed a pint together over lunch at a nice restaurant at the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Centre.

The apartment is very cool in an urban loft kinda way, well fitted out and comfortable. The best aspect of the place is that it is on the 11th floor and has fantastic views over the waterfront and of the World Cup Stadium at Green Point. Check out the picture above from our balcony....

After our long lunch, we did a bit of grocery shopping and headed back to the apartment to chill out for the rest of the day and to do some long-overdue laundry, once we had overcome the instructions...

The weather is a bit oif a change from Namibia, not so much the fact that is about 7 or 8 degrees cooler, but that the humidity is so much higher here in Cape Town. Regardless of this we are looking forward to checking out Cape Town over the next few days, before the World Cup starts in earnest.

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  1. To my shame I never looked at your blog before, mostly because I had no time to look at other blogs What with the pressure of getting daily new photos and then editing posting etc + I DId have a life apart from blogging :) I am going to read all your post about yr trip here but first need to eat my dinner :)
    Oh and ..had you told me you were going to stay in the CQ I would have taken more pics of it for you !