Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time for some Statistics

Here are some statistics from our trip so far:-
  • World Cup Matches Attended: 6
  • World Cup Matches Left to See: 8
  • Live Goals Seen: 17
  • Goals missed by Yates being in the Toilet: 2
  • Games Watched on TV: Too many to count...
  • Beers Consummed: Too many to count...
  • Distance Driven to Matches: 1,350 km
  • Length of Lodges Driveway, ("Worst Road in Africa"): 1.7 km
  • Number of Times we have driven along "Worst Road in Africa": 13
  • Fastest recorded time along "Worst Road in Africa": 6 Minutes
  • Number of Flat Tyres: None, yet.....
  • Number of Scratches & Dents from "Worst Road in Africa": Numerous
  • Number of World Cup Points for New Zealand: 2
  • Number of World Cup Points for Australia: 1
  • Combined Number of Horses & Dogs at Lodge: 10
  • Piles of Horse Crap outside Yates Suite: 1
  • Pairs of Shoes brought to Africa (Steve): 2
  • Pairs of Shoes brought to Africa (Yates): 7


  1. Worst road in SA ?
    You are lucky the ANC have stopped landmining the farm roads - then you would have seen some bad roads (especially if you were the second person driving along it) LOL

    So - has being up in the "hinterlands" (the home of the Vuvuzela) made you think differently about them or has your hearing become sufficiently impaired to not hear them anymore :-)

    Hey - you guys need to be more "aware" - running out of petrol, especially at night, could seriously curtail any immediate (or long term) plans to live to a ripe old age.

    Now here's a thought - sounds like when we need a goal or two you should send friend Yates out for a pee.... could this be the next big secret weapon to win the WC ?

  2. Hey Mark

    "The Worst Road in Africa" is not really that bad, it's just we have 5kms of gravel road and then this bumpy old track to the lodge to do everytime we go anywhere. At 1:30am it certainly ensures you are awake.

    The Petrol thing was a bit of a red herring due to us not really understabnding what our hire car was telling us. We made it home and then 17km back to town to fill up so I have a good grasp of how far we can go on a tankful now. Even so, we heed your warning and will make sure the tank is full before any late night trips.

    The Vuvu's are still fine, I don't even bother with earplugs at games, it really is not that much of a deal, unless someone blows one right in your ear, which so far has not happened. There is a variant of the Vuvu that sounds like a baby screaming, now that is distrubing.

    We will be send yates to the loo for the whole of the USA, England & NZ games, hopefully they will all win by 5 goals....

    South Africa is a great country... begining to wonder why you left.. :-)


  3. Hahaa...

    Hey - any country is great when you are on holiday.

    Shock result for France ? (Ha-Haa)
    Australia next ellimination - wouldn't that stir them up.