Sunday, June 6, 2010

It’s All Over Now :-(

 Our last day on the Safari was just a straight shot through travelling back to Windhoek, with a few stops for comfort and food. It was sad to say goodbye to our fellow travellers, especially Ben who had been with us the whole 2 weeks, as we dropped them off one-by-one at their various guesthouses. Last of all we said goodbye to our camp assistant Erastus and guide Elias in whose hands we had been for the whole tour.
Erastus was a hard-working young man that could not do enough for us during the trip, and kept us so well fed each day that we both think we have put on weight...! Our Guide Elias was a proud Namibian of the Damara tribe, who was not only an extremely professional and knowledgeable guide, but was also a man of profound sensitivity and understanding, and a supreme ambassador for his country. The landscape, culture and wildlife of Namibia was impressive enough, but Elias brought it to life and made us feel that we had experienced something more than just being tourists in his country.

And that brings us almost up to date. Fiona & I are now staying in a beautiful guest house called Terre Africa for the next few nights, to rest and relax before heading off to Cape Town to meet up with Yates and start the second phase of this trip. By the way, don’t worry that I am spending all my free time slaving away over a hot blog just to keep you informed, I am sitting in a veritable ‘Garden of Eden’ of water features, swimming pools, exotic plants and birdlife, connected to a free wi-fi connection. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it, as you can see from the photo below.


  1. Well you have to be commended.
    In fact Fiona has to be commended for booking you on such a great safari - and you have to be commended for having shown such great restraint in letting her do it without interference!
    I think you ceratinly deserve that beer. I hope it is a "Windhoek Lager" ???

  2. Hiya Mark... Yes Fiona did very well with the Namibian portion of our trip, we have had a great time. Now we are heading to the airport to go to Cape Town... yippee...

    Actually I have developed a taste for 'Tafel' Larger... very nice


  3. I thought you were going to drive down to Cape Town? Pity as you will be missing some great country down the West coast...
    Enjoy it - It is cold, raining and miserable here!