Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy Days

Today we took it easy.... No need to bust a gut before the tournement begins... So we took a casual wander into the city to check out where we would catch the train from next week and also poked our noses around the Grand Parade, where the Fan Fest would take place. Like a lot of things here in Cape Town, it looks like the Fan Fest will only be ready just in time for the first game on Friday. It's the same with all the paving, signage and pedestrian bridges, all of which seem to have groups of upto 6 men in hard hats standing around watching 1 man actually doing some work... It's the same story all over the world.

As the weather has improved, out to Sea Point, Fiona and I took a long walk out to Sea Point and then back to the V&A following the coastline. As it was a breezy day and the sea was crashing against rocks, the air was fresh and salty as we took in the wonderful views down the coast and back towards the City. The clouds had finally decided to move away from the top of Table Mountain and we got a view of the spectacular mountain in all its glory for the first time in 2 days. Cape Town seems to be a lovely & chilled out place, and we can really feel the World Cup buzz starting.

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