Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sun has got its Hat on so it’s Time to Hit the Road....

Today we awoke to beautiful sunlight streaming into the apartment so we decided it was time for a Road Trip. We all jumped in the car, we have hired a little Honda Jazz to get around in, programmed the GPS, and pointed ourselves in a sourtherly direction.

Our first destination was the Cape of Good Hope, and after a reasonably quick trip on the motorway around the back of Table Mountain we arrived at the national park. There was a good bit of exercise climbing up to the Cape Point Lighthouse, but once we had made it to the top it was well worth the effort. We had spectacular view over the Cape and across False Bay to the other capes to the South.

We are starting to feel the effects of the World Cup now, as there were coach loads of Italians, Mexicans & Uruguayans at the Cape, mostly decked out in their national colours and even singing their own football chants. We are also begining to hear the distinctive sound of the Vuvuzalas everywhere we go...

We drove around the park looking at a few of the other landmarks, before we decided to make our way to Simons Town for lunch. We found a nice little restaurant overlooking the harbour, with distant view across the bay, that would suit us just fine.

After a good meal we drove a little further along the coast to Boulders to check out the Penguin colony. We walked down the boardwalk and saw only a handful, but as we got closer to the sea, we saw more and more penguins, waddling to and fro between the beach and their nests. I never get tired of seeing Penguins, especially in the wild, they are jnust so fascinating....

Finally we took the long way home following the coastline back towards Cape Town, through quaint little seaside towns, along roads clinging to the edge of rugged & steep cliffs, and through picturesque bays. We stopped to take some photos near Chapman’s Peak and under the Twelve Apostles, and saw the top of Table Mountain peeping out between the fast moving clouds.

As we closed in on Cape Town we drove through the upmarket beach towns of Camps Bay and Clifton, before the edge of the Greenpoint Stadium came into view like a beacon announcing that we were back in our adopted home again.

It had been a great day in this great part oif the world....


    And great weather too for this time of year. (We woke up to -3Deg this am!)
    However, since it is my day off and having rekindled my appreciation of a good Foccacia drenched in Extra Virgin, I parked off in front of the fire and enjoyed a slap-up brekkie of a few slices covered in bacon, eggs and fried tomatoes while enjoying a good read of your accounts around the Peninsula.
    Look forward to your posts and experiences.
    When is the first match you will be going to?

    You would have missed the parade down Long Street on Wednesday? I believe it was "Vuvuzela Day"
    There were calls to ban the Vuvu's (Vuvuzela - long trumpets) but they will be allowed in and unless you have heard one - nevermind a whole stadium full, you will not comprehend the utter cacophony they produce.
    The noise is from one is in excess of 120dB and extremely unpleasant - dunno what the accoustics of the stadium are but I would strongly suggest a decent pair of earplugs unless you guys want to lose your sanity :-)

    There is supposedly a Giant one on one of the flyovers in Cape Town that will be blown (by several truck air horns)at the start of each match and every time a goal is scored. Purportedly it will be heard all over CT - now THAT will be interesting!

  2. Hiya Mark

    We will be going to Match 2 of the Tournement this coming Friday at 20:30 local time to see Uraguay vs France. We can't wait for the matches to begin.

    The Vuvuzalas are everywhere and they are blown constantly, ( I heard one at 6:15am this morning). Don't worry, we have our earplugs, but I figure I m ight as well get one and join in the fun.

    We have seen the Big Blue Vuvuzala on the 'road to nowhere', just around the corner from the apartment... It's Huge... It sounds like a ships fog horn... Great Fun.

    Glad you are enjoying the blog, and in return we are really enjoying Cape Town. Stay Tuned